o h robsson

Born 1974. Modern History and Politics degree. Five years ski racing, five years as a photographer. Now a novelist and a nobody, living on Norway's west coast. Author of The Spark, owner of Anja  and Milton, this site is a glimpse into our daily lives, shown through a mixture of words, pictures, and film.









Born 2004 in Chamonix, France. Mentally very tough, physically very strong. Incredible swimmer. If she was a person she'd be a teacher. Intelligent, consistent, with a wicked sense of humour. Loves food, lives like an olympic athlete. Very logical, very dependable. She is the wise one.








Born 2010 in Budapest, Hungary. Former street dog, now living like a prince. Always happy. Extremely clever. If he was a human he'd be an inventor. Mad genius. Obsessed with food, just like his sister. Curious about everything. Loves to learn. Not wise, not yet.