After a completely unplanned and unexpected break from my blog, i now find myself back here. Quite why i suddenly stopped, i'm not sure, although as it coincided with beginning to use twitter, i guess that is the most obvious reason: my complete inability to focus on more than one thing at once :) 

Perhaps surprisingly, i'm enjoying twitter. I'm finding many interesting and nice people, and the format means it's pretty even easy for me to post photos and connect with people, then disappear when i want to. But, in a shock move, i will now try to combine both writing my blog and being active on twitter...can i do it? Can i really manage to do two different things at the same time within the social media world..? Probably not, but i will try.

So, after an eventful few months in which lots has happened but nothing has really changed, i will begin to write a few posts to recap on what has been happening. Yep, that's right. I'm starting with a post to say i'm going to post. Sometimes i surprise myself with how well i can stall. 

So first, some random photos from the last few weeks, starting with the view from our house during these winter months...

Every monday it's the same in the factory. Production is slow to start. Not much seems to get done. And the reason why? The machines don't like mondays. They're cold after having been switched off over the weekend. Their various parts don't like to be restarted and warmed up again and one problem leads to another and another. I know the feeling.

This seems to be the job that never ends. After being given my redundancy by email a couple of weeks ago, they've now asked me to stay on for another week, then another, and then today a new contract stay until christmas, which was exactly the contract i had and was made redundant from!! I'd love to walk out the doors and never look back, but money, the reason why i'm here in the first place, means i have to keep saying yes. 

Anyway, as the darkness of autumn descends, it's nice to look back at the fantastic brightness of summer. The weather might be terrible now, but it was incredible then, so no complaints...random roadtrip photos:

I heard about FOMO on the radio a couple of day's ago - it's a 'condition' that seems to have come about with the rise of social media. FOMO stands for 'fear of missing out', and psychologists have started to notice that especially young people are feeling the need to be in permanent contact all the time, fearing that otherwise they may be left out or not included in things.

Wow. I think i may be experiencing the opposite problem. My greatest fear at the moment is being included, not missing out. Life is already full enough and busy enough! I keep preparing myself to start on twitter, to use it to make some connections and gradually get The Spark out there to a wider audience, but...well, it all comes down to time, doesn't it? How much time do i want to spend making 'connections', and how much time do i want for me, or the people close to me, or for A&M? 

Anyway, like Picasso, it is my birthday today so i won't be doing anymore thinking, only relaxing. Photos from close to home, at the end of a tiring week:

One hour is blurring into the next. I have two more left before i can escape the factory and go home and get out biking. My phone vibrates. I glance at it. An email from my employer. Strange. I wait for the machine to stop and quickly read it. My job, the one i have a contract for until christmas, it no longer exists. I have two weeks notice. They're sorry. 

I wait at my machine. One of the bosses will come and speak to me and explain. I'm sure they will. Because i can't only get an email...can i? Nobody comes to see me, nobody comes to apologise. Aha. So that's how it is. Redundancy via email. Whatever happened to face-to-face communication? Is it truly a dying art?

I walk out the factory. I'm disappointed. Almost angry. But underneath it all and when i don't think about the financial implications, i'm excited. I'm getting out early. I breathe in the fresh air. A new start is coming. I get Anja and Milton from home and we head out on the bikes. Autumn is soon upon us.

There's so much i have to write, but not enough time to write first, i'll update with some more photos from the holiday. This selection comes from right out on the west coast, 2-3 hours from home. Living in the mountains, i sometimes forget how incredible it is on the coast..

Sometimes, in the middle of summer, the air quality here is too bright, too sharp, too clear, to be able to take photos for several hours in the middle of the day. Then mid-summer eases towards early autumn and we begin to get light like this. The kind of light that can transform an otherwise fairly normal scene. The clouds parted, i stopped the car, and i got these unexpected bonus shots on the way home from a trip in the mountains. Perfect way to end a perfect day.

No more than four hours from home, and it's like we've gone to a different country. Hot and dry too. Who needs the alps when we've got this? 

Every time i go into my local vets at the place i have just moved to, i notice a sign on the noticeboard. "Bills must be paid in cash, unless you're over 70 years old, and accompanied by either one or both parents. In this instance, an acceptance can be made, and the bill can be sent. There will be an extra surcharge for this." There's no exclamation point, no smiley face...but he's joking, right...?!

Anyway, more photos. Firstly, our camping place beside a beautiful river:

A lovely old timber house, typical for this area of Norway:

Me, feeling a million miles away from the factory:

And a view looking into incredible area renowned for its special landscape:

Rejuvenated. That's the only word that can really describe how i feel after the time off. A fantastic two weeks that reminded me exactly how lucky i am. Money i don't have, but everything else i do. The trip was ll i hoped it would be, and a little more. So many photos to go through, so i'll gradually upload them bit by bit. 

I'll begin with two images from the first afternoon/ evening, on our way into central Norway. As Kristoffer would say, even a monkey could get good photos with weather/ views like this...

After some busy, tiring weeks, i feel ready for a holiday. And luckily for me, i've got one. I've negotiated two weeks off work...but where to go? Normally we'd make our way south to the alps and see my dad (he works as a mountain guide down there) and visit some of the places i used to live, but this year without sufficient funds, we will instead take a more 'local' road trip. The weather forecast is perfect the days are long...and we're soooo ready for this break! The plan is to do a circular route, travelling anti-clockwise from here - so that's further into the mountains, up the east of Norway, then back out towards the west, down the coast and back home. The tent is packed, the car is full...and the phone/ internet is switched off...peace, rest, training and photos. That's the plan. 

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