After a completely unplanned and unexpected break from my blog, i now find myself back here. Quite why i stopped so suddenly, i'm not sure, although as it coincided with beginning to use twitter, i guess that is the most obvious reason: my complete inability to focus on more than one thing at once :) 

Perhaps surprisingly, i'm enjoying twitter. I'm finding many interesting and nice people, and the format means it's pretty even easy for me to post photos and connect with people, then disappear when i want to. But, in a shock move, i will now try to combine both writing my blog and being active on twitter...can i do it? Can i really manage to do two different things at the same time within the social media world..? Probably not, but i will try.

So, after an eventful few months in which lots has happened but nothing has really changed, i will begin to write a few posts to recap on what has been happening. Yep, that's right. I'm starting with a post to say i'm going to post. Sometimes i surprise myself with how well i can stall. 

First, some random photos from the last few weeks, starting with the view from our house during these winter months...


April 12, 2014 @08:46 am - Olly
Lovley photos and what a view. Thanks for sharing them but what I really want to know is how long did it take to train all three dogs to look away at the same time?
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