One hour is blurring into the next. I have two more left before i can escape the factory and go home and get out biking. My phone vibrates. I glance at it. An email from my employer. Strange. I wait for the machine to stop and quickly read it. My job, the one i have a contract for until christmas, it no longer exists. I have two weeks notice. They're sorry. 

I wait at my machine. One of the bosses will come and speak to me and explain. I'm sure they will. Because i can't only get an email...can i? Nobody comes to see me, nobody comes to apologise. Aha. So that's how it is. Redundancy via email. Whatever happened to face-to-face communication? Is it truly a dying art?

I walk out the factory. I'm disappointed. Almost angry. But underneath it all and when i don't think about the financial implications, i'm excited. I'm getting out early. I breathe in the fresh air. A new start is coming. I get Anja and Milton from home and we head out on the bikes. Autumn is soon upon us.

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