I heard about FOMO on the radio a couple of day's ago - it's a 'condition' that seems to have come about with the rise of social media. FOMO stands for 'fear of missing out', and psychologists have started to notice that especially young people are feeling the need to be in permanent contact all the time, fearing that otherwise they may be left out or not included in things.

Wow. I think i may be experiencing the opposite problem. My greatest fear at the moment is being included, not missing out. Life is already full enough and busy enough! I keep preparing myself to start on twitter, to use it to make some connections and gradually get The Spark out there to a wider audience, but...well, it all comes down to time, doesn't it? How much time do i want to spend making 'connections', and how much time do i want for me, or the people close to me, or for A&M? 

Anyway, like Picasso, it is my birthday today so i won't be doing anymore thinking, only relaxing. Photos from close to home, at the end of a tiring week:

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