Every monday it's the same in the factory. Production is slow to start. Not much seems to get done. And the reason why? The machines don't like mondays. They're cold after having been switched off over the weekend. Their various parts don't like to be restarted and warmed up again and one problem leads to another and another. I know the feeling.

This seems to be the job that never ends. After being given my redundancy by email a couple of weeks ago, they've now asked me to stay on for another week, then another, and then today a new contract offer...to stay until christmas, which was exactly the contract i had and was made redundant from!! I'd love to walk out the doors and never look back, but money, the reason why i'm here in the first place, means i have to keep saying yes. 

Anyway, as the darkness of autumn descends, it's nice to look back at the fantastic brightness of summer. The weather might be terrible now, but it was incredible then, so no complaints...random roadtrip photos:

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