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o h robsson 



Dogs are not my whole life, but they make my life whole.

For anyone interested in saving a dog's life, I cannot recommend enough  a charity called FAPF in Hungary. Their work in saving homeless dogs is truly inspirational. To give an idea of how much joy a dog can bring to your life, I made this video of my former streetdogs now living here with us in western Norway. There's never a day they don't make me laugh, nor a day they don't remind me about what is most important in life.

All photos used on this site belong to me, and if you are interested in using any, please just ask. Similarly, if anyone has any advice on how to shout quietly (and still be noticed), it would be very welcome. Or maybe you might want to partner with me? In a perfect world, I will find a charity/ club/  individual/ business who would like to join with me to promote The Spark, in return for a generous share of the profit. Is that you?  


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